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It's this time of the year again.

So it's November. Netflix blessed me with all Harry Potter films, weather blessed me with sickness (I don't remember when was the last time I felt this bad) and boyfriend blessed me with patience and support.

Yesterday was Halloween. In Spain the whole concept of Halloween is perceived a bit different than anywhere else in the world. You can't just dress up as something or someone else. No. It must be scary. If it's not - you're doing it wrong and you'll get a lot of surprised looks.
However my students decided they don't want scary and ugly. No. They wanted cute and fluffy, so we handcrafted some unicorns. And rainbows.
I like this time of year, because it's easier to plan all the lessons and design appropriate activities. Soon it will be all about Christmas.

As for everything else - as I have already said, I was super ill. Some weird mix of sinusitis and bronchitis. Doctor warned be if I left this with no antibiotics I could end up with pneumonia. No,…

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